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My attorney is awesome.  He answered the phone and predicted that I would get a reckless from day 1.  I’m so happy and sending him all my drunk friends.
Client H
My husband went to jail for DUI.  He was then held by ICE for some older charges from long ago.  Attorney Hawkins got him affordable bail, even when things seemed kinda hopeless.  I think he did a good job and the case is still going.
Family member of immigration client
I hired Mr. Boley for a criminal law matter and was extremely impressed with the responsiveness, attention to detail, competency and professionalism he showed. From beginning to resolution of my legal matter, he went above and beyond to keep me informed and I was extremely pleased with the result. I would highly recommend hiring Tom as your attorney.
A criminal defense client
I thought getting rid of this felony would be easy.  I heard that all my girlfriend needed to do was not show up.  I didn’t know that they would ask to put me in jail while we waited for my court date AND they would try so hard to get her to testify.  I didn’t know she could go to jail if she was contacted but failed to show.
B&A Law helped me out by getting my bail reduced and hooking me up with a bail bondsman that I could afford.  I only had to do a walkthru arrest and I didn’t even have to change into the jail jumpsuit.
B&A took a recorded statement to preserve my gf’s statement.  Then, the case was dismissed when the prosecutor couldn’t serve her.  If I didn’t hire B&A, I probably would have gone to jail.
Client V
(Translated from Spanish) I was not guilty of my domestic charge.  My lawyer took to the case trial and won.  He was good in the court and the Judge saw that.  I feel good about this law firm and my lawyers there.
Client Z
I was charged with trespass for wandering drunk into a restricted area of the hotel I was staying in.  I found B&A law on the internet, and hired them.  Their fees weren’t very expensive, and they got the charges against me dismissed.  It was a stupid weekend in Vegas, and B8A law really controlled the damage to my pocketbook.
Client J
I would recommend this law firm to anyone. I was planning on traveling and was afraid I might get pulled over and arrested because of a traffic ticket I didn’t take care of that went into warrant. I called Hawkins, Boley & AlDabbagh and spoke to Josh AlDabbagh. He said he could take care of it that same day, and charged me his usual rate. Sure enough, I got a call back later that afternoon and was told everything was finished. I was able to go on my trip with peace of mind.

Thank you!
Attorney Thomas Boley did my prelim.  He made the prosecutor look like a joke.  Right after the hearing, we got an offer for probation.  Thanks Tom.
Client K
I was in a lot of trouble because of some bad decisions I made. I was looking at a bunch of different charges for credit card fraud and something like 30 years in prison. I hired Josh AlDabbagh because he took the time to answer all of my questions when I first consulted him. He showed up every time I had court and took all my calls. He worked hard at negotiating my case and we went through several rounds of plea bargains before I ended up only getting a misdemeanor on my record with no jail time! I owe him him my life and will recommend him to anyone I know that is in trouble!
HBA Law was very aggressive with my DUI.  The DA offered to have me plead to DUI minimums, but Tom advised I go forward to trial.  At first, I wanted to take the deal, but I saw the reasons to go forward.  I was so nervous, but the DA did exactly what they said he would.  I plead to reckless with DUI minimums.  HBA really knows DUI law, and they will give you the best advice for your situation.
Client R


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